Provenance Supplier: Soanes Poultry

Our new chicken supplier, Soanes Poultry

At Provenance Inns we are always on the look out for new suppliers to support our brand values of high quality and locally sourced fresh food. We are pleased to announce Soanes Poultry. have been introduced to our supplier portfolio.

Based in Yorkshire, Soanes have been rearing delicious chicken on Yorkshire Wolds farms for over 70 years. From arrival of the chicks from Soanes selected hatchery to delivery, no other party is involved in rearing and handling their grain fed chickens offering 100% traceability from chick to us at Provenance Inns.

We will be using Great Taste award winning standard, grain fed chickens on our menu. These chickens are reared in light, airy barns and enjoy a nutritious diet using Yorkshire grown wheat using arable farming knowledge and expertise.

Bales to perch on and toys to encourage their natural behaviour and to develop social interaction. The chickens enjoy a nutritious diet using wheat grown by the Soanes family on their Yorkshire Wolds farms.

By using these precise methods, Soanes creates chicken that’s great-tasting, firm- textured and succulent, like chicken used to.

Yorkshire wheat being harvested for our grain fed chickens


Why is Soanes different?



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