Provenance Supplier: Warrendale Wagyu

Warrendale Wagyu, our new burger supplier

We are very pleased to announce that we have partnered with another Yorkshire based company for our Provenance burger,  Warrendale Wagyu.

Wagyu beef is regarded as a national treasure in Japan and has therefore become famous worldwide due to the superior eating quality of the meat.

Warrendale wagyu, established in 2017, have one of the largest wagyu herds in the UK, consisting of both full blood and cross bred wagyu beef. They established a supply chain working with specialist farmers to breed and grow wagyu cattle, using their own exclusive genetics through to the butchery of the meat

Wagyu are raised with animal welfare as a priority, ensuring the cattle grow slowly in a healthy and natural environment.



The Health Benefits

Wagyu beef produces a high percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, making wagyu beef a healthy product.

Therefore, this was part of the reason we have decided to change our current burger, as many people are now considering a healthier lifestyle.

Provenance Supplier: Warrendale Wagyu - A picture of cows




Why not come and try our fantastic new Yorkshire Wagyu Burger at many of our Provenance Inns sites. You can view all of our sites by clicking on the button below.