We add Fettle Mead, a Local Lamb supplier to our ever growing list!

With many of you concerned on food air miles, sourcing local food has become essential to many restaurants and pubs. Provenance Inns & Hotels has always used the very best local suppliers for our menus and we are very pleased to welcome another award-winning local supplier to our ever growing list.

Fettle Mead, a lamb supplier from Dalton, near Thirsk will be providing us with the tastiest lamb Yorkshire has to offer. They supply us with Jacob Lamb, a fuller, richer, flavoursome lamb. Grass fed, their lambs mature over a slightly longer period of time which gives more chance for the flavour to enhance.

Emma Chester started her flock about 10 years ago, each year developing each section bit by bit – This includes breeding stock, wool and meat production, not to mention having a go at ‘Showing’ them. Emma has won many accolades for her sheep, In 2018, Emma came best in show at Countryside Live and in 2019 saw her 1st Rosette at the Great Yorkshire Show for her Shearling tup, an outstanding achievement!

Emma has said “I am a big believer in local, seasonal produce – we need to champion our neighbouring produce and get it out on the table at meal times, make sure people are aware of where their food comes from and the passion that’s gone into rearing, growing high quality goods.” We couldn’t agree more!